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F5 6/65 600G Inlet Filter
EU5 / F5 / 600G

This media has proven to be the highest quality diffusion media available today. As the quality of paint spraybooths and painting techniques have progressed over the years, so has the quality of this media.

The 6/65 F5 / EU5 Filter Media has progessively denser fibres as they approach the downstream side. All fibres of this media are totally impregnated with tackifier, and it has polyester netting on the air leaving side to obtain optimum efficiency.

  • Inital pressure loss    25Pa
  • Final pressure loss    450Pa
  • Average arrestance    99%
  • Average atmospheric efficiency  56%
  • Dust holding capacity   428g/m2
  • Thickness    24mm
  • Media area   1.0m2
  • Rated air flow 900m3/hr Max temperature allowed (peaks) 100degress celicus
  • Air velocity at test 0.25m/sec
  • Efficiency class according to DIN EN 779 F5
  • Fire Resistance (DIN 53438) F1

Inlet Filter F5 600G