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Fibreglass Exhaust Filter
Exhaust Filters

Fibreglass Exhaust Filters

This paintstop filter media remains the favourite in quality paint finishing operations worldwide, reassuring our customers, that they are using the best.

Following are the advantages of using Fibreglass Filters over other exhaust filters - 

  • High lofted filter trap heavy, wet paint particles as well as dry contaminates, reducing fan maintenance operation costs
  • As they hold unparalleled amounts of solids before needing to be changed, this results in less downtime and lower paint arrestor costs
  • They can handle any of todays new coatings   

Macquarie Air Filtration carrys a comprehensive stock of many sizes. The fibreglass is Green/White and is Made in AMERICA.

Cardboard Exhaust Filters

This filter is manufactured with 100% natural materials, recycled cardboard and water based glue, preventing the electrostatic effect and environmental disposal concerns of traditional staples. Its superb quality ensures a rigid structure (230g/m2) and is manufactured automatically, there are no punching flaws which limit the quality of filtration. Its accordion design enables air to flow continually whilst inhibiting any type of paint or lacquer.

Synthetic Exhaust Filter

This is a low cost disposable filter for use on air outlets of spray booths or baking ovens to trap paint overspray. This filter is not suitable to be used as an Inlet Filter.

This is an Australian made product. We supply two different width sizes - 1580mm & 2200mm x 50 metre rolls.  Weight is 100g/m2.

Cardboard Exhaust Filter
Fibreglass Exhaust Filter Roll